Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) has been launched at PICT w.e.f. 15.09.2018 for effective and efficient management of Contractors and Contract workers. It is the guideline to streamline the process of Selection, Training and Record keeping based on KPIs, accountability and responsibility of both contractors and stakeholders with overall strict compliance of applicable statute. PICT, CLMS constitute a committee of stakeholders for the implementation and monitoring of this system.

  • The committee consists of
  • Person Responsible for Contract Labour Management System (PRCLMS)
  • User Department Representative (UDR)
  • Contractor Representative (CR)

The Head of each user department shall be fully responsible for close and active monitoring of the contractor and the contracted workforce working directly under him. The support departments (HR, QHSE, Finance & IT) would extend all type of co-operation to User department. The primary responsibility towards management and enforcement of CLMS is vested on the Head HR, who is supported by PRCLMS, UDR and CR in discharging their duties.

Mr. Sarada Prasanna Nayak, Legal Officer has been selected as the PRCLMS, who is the nodal point of co-ordination and communication between company and contractor’s representative for smooth administration of Contract Labour Management System (CLMS). PRCLMS will report to Head HR and hold responsible for the statutory compliances relevant to Contract Labour with the support of UDR & CR.

All the manual documents and data of contract workers are registered under CLMS Application. Once their Face and finger are registered for attendance recording, they will be allowed for smooth entry and exit through Turnstile Barrier. A Turnstile Barrier is a form of gate through which a person enters at a time and in the same way another person exists at a time. It will enforce oneway traffic entry and exit of contract workers.

Customer Interview on Effectiveness of CLMS

Interview with M/s. Chandu & Co. :

Q: Are you the Contractor of M/s PICT?

Ans: Yes, I am a contractor M/s. Chandu & Co. under M/s. PICT.

Q: How many workers are engaged under your contract with PICT?

Ans: We have engaged 450 workmen.

Q: Have you received any benefit after implementation of Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) at PICT?

Ans: We have registered our establishment under this system. This system helps us in streamlining the recruitment process, keeping relevant documents properly, conducting safety induction training process and generating daily/monthly shift wise report and registering accurate attendance for raising invoice.

Workmen interview :

  • Workmen Name
  • Prabrudha Ranjan Nayak
  • Hemant Kumar Swain

Q: What all activities do you perform at PICT?

Ans: I am a contract workman under M/s. Chandu & Co. at PICT.

Q: Have you registered your name under CLMS?

Ans: Yes, I have registered my finger and face with all documents in CLMS.

Q: What benefits are you getting after the implementation of CLMS at PICT?

Ans: We are getting the following benefits:

  • 8 hours duty per shift.
  • For extra hour after 8 hours treated as overtime.
  • Smooth entry and exit through turnstile barrier.
  • Workmen having relevant documents like Aadhar, Online Police verification report, Medical fitness, ESIC IP and EPFO UAN etc. are eligible to register their name, face and finger in the software installed at turnstile barrier.